Light aircraft pilot licence (LAPL)

You need to bring the following documentation:

Medical renewal

Initial examination

If you have any questions regarding the above information, please feel free to contact us.

Payment methods

Bank transfer, cash, and MobilePay.

Danish Transport Authority

We recommend that you fill out the application form in English before the examination and bring it in paper form. It must be completed either digitally or in capital letters.

Prices including VAT

LAPL initial examination, excluding additional services

2.000 kr

LAPL renewal, excluding additional services

1.800 kr
450 kr
350 kr

Urine test

150 kr


180 kr


375 kr

Blood sugar

200 kr

Drug test + certificate

500 kr

Peth, alcohol test

1.000 kr

Drug test

350 kr

Lung function

350 kr

Peak flow

150 kr

Cancellation fee (within 24 hours)

500 kr

Sick leave/fit-to-fly certification

500 kr

Consultation per started 30 minutes

Referral and evaluation

750 kr


500 kr