Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy at Flyvelæge KBH by the doctors at Svanemøllen, Demant Medical Consult, and CT&T Invest
Camilla Andersen
Aviation Doctor DK/AME/75
Dyveke Demant
Aviation Doctor DK/AME/76
Christoffer Thomsen
Aviation Doctor DK/AME/77

In this privacy policy, we describe how the above aviation doctors process, use, and disclose your personal information.

We only collect personal data when it is relevant to us, and we will only collect personal data if it is relevant to your activity with your aviation doctor.

In the collection, processing, and use of your personal data, we always comply with all relevant legal regulations.

We will only retain your personal data as long as we are legally obligated to do so or as long as it is relevant to the purpose for which they were collected.

When there is a need to provide a social security number (cpr. number), this is done “split” by sending the first 6 digits via email and the last 4 digits via SMS immediately and within 1 minute. Both the receiving computer and mobile phone are password-protected. You can also provide an email address. That way, we can send a secure email where sensitive data, including journal notes, can be included.

Information we collect

If you wish to receive a service from us, we need to collect certain personal data to provide you with our services.


We collect information such as personal identification number, name, email address, postal address, phone number, health information, journal notes from hospitals/general practitioners/clinics/specialists, and psychologists.


Your aviation doctor collects and processes your personal data when you engage in the following:


  • During consultation.


The data controller is the respective aviation doctor who has been contacted. Your personal information is processed and stored by the following recipients, including our data processors, who store them on behalf of and according to instructions. Our current data processors are:


  • Clinea
  • Webreq


No personal data is collected on the website.

Copies sent via email or phone must not contain identifiable data; that is, the social security number and name must be covered during copying. Sensitive data can be sent via secure email.

Legal basis and purpose

Your basic contact information, such as name and address, is collected when scheduling a consultation by phone, to provide the service you need. We collect your email address to send you an invoice.


Your contact data will be deleted upon your request. Journals are kept in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.


All data is stored on a password-protected computer.


We retain personal information about you for as long as we need to fulfill the purposes stated above. However, according to the Journalization Order § 15, we are obligated to keep patient records for a minimum of 10 years after the last entry in the patient record. There may be cases where we are required to keep your personal information for a longer period, such as in the case of a complaint or compensation claim, where information will be kept until the matter is finally resolved.

Other recipients of personal information

To the extent necessary for the specific examination or treatment of you, your personal information will be disclosed and shared with the recipients mentioned below:

  • After the consultation, electronic reporting is carried out to the Danish Transport Authority and the European database (EAMR).Data is attached in PDF format and sent as instructed.
  • Danish Transport Authority (domestic and international)
  • Information is disclosed to other healthcare professionals.
  • Referral of patients involves sharing information with the healthcare professionals to whom the referral is sent.
  • When reporting laboratory tests, the samples are forwarded to hospital laboratories.
  • When reporting information for patient treatment billing, information is disclosed to the regional billing offices.

We do not sell your personal data to third parties, and we do not transfer your personal data to third countries unless it is health-professionally relevant in the context of aviation. Our website is hosted at; no data is collected for processing.

Your rights

As the data subject, you have several rights that we must ensure are fulfilled at all times. You have the right to request:


Access to and correction/change of your personal data. Deletion of personal data.


You have the right to have the personal information we have registered about you deleted. If you wish to have your personal information deleted, we will delete all information that we are not legally required to keep. If the processing of personal information is based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent, meaning that the processing of personal information will cease unless we are legally obligated to process the information.


Additionally, you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data, and you have the right to lodge a complaint with a data protection authority.


If you no longer want us to process your personal information or want us to restrict the processing of your personal information, you can also send us a request to our email addresses as follows:


If you have any questions regarding the processing of your personal information or your rights, feel free to contact us using the following contact information:


Flyvelæge KBH
Strandvejen 6, 1st floor 2100
2100 Copenhagen Ø


Camilla Andersen:
Phone: 22 52 01 61


Dyveke Demant:
Phone: 91 99 95 75


Christoffer Thomsen:
Phone: 22 55 40 10